It is easy to charge smartphone quickly

Many features of the smartphone app and are so happy that every time it is used to seeing on the screen.

Even charging are looking for something on the screen.
The smartphone is being used while charging if the charging speed is much lower.
At the time of its data network is working, which consumes the most battery.
But if its charging speed and increase the airplane or flight mode activated for that to be done.
When the smartphone is in flight mode so that your network is cut. You can not call him or her data service works.
Flight mode activated on Android smartphone to swipe from the top downward
As long as the smartphone while charging Please stay on if the flight mode and see how quickly smartphone battery life comes in.

According to this article Vnderhautu the battery is completely ended and that data service is turned on to charge the phone in Flight mode but may take 136 minutes to 107 minutes just yet.

Take just recalled that after the completion of charging smartphone Cut it off flight mode so you will not make any calls.


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