If you forget Mobile's pattern lock or PIN

If ever you accidentally forget the pin or pattern lock your smartphone, then you should do?

It can be with someone for long enough to be used when a password or PIN changes. The new password or PIN is then hard to remember.

Fingerprint password are not yet very popular among people. Free smartphone app even after many people the way to keep your data safe is not much choice.
Password, pin or pattern lock your smartphone if you forget to reset the factory is an option.
This is the advantage of factory reset your smartphone if you are concerned about more than data, use it immediately works.
But it will be useless data stored on a smartphone. But may be other ways of solving this problem.

In case you forget your password, Android Device Manager will work. Smartphone Google account you are logged on to one if you can manage your Android device.
Are shown on the screen lock button, click, and then you'll see the option to give new password. Just type in about five minutes and then the work will be done.
If you choose to use Android pattern lock device "Forgot Pattern" is an option. If you used the incorrect pattern five times on the screen, "the regulator again in 30 Minutes' would read.
This time the "Forgot Pattern" will also appear written. Click it, and then you will have to enter your Google account details. From Google about your pattern lock will not email you anytime.
Smartphone to boot in safe mode you can lock the screen resolved. It works best when you have downloaded an app to lock the screen.
Most Android smartphone you can boot into Safe Mode. When you press on the screen on-off button on the screen to ask whether you want to boot into safe mode smartphone? Boot into safe mode as soon as they will be OK.
Then disable the screen lock is an app for a while. Please uninstall it once and the smartphone off and on again, please.

Samsung smartphone "Find My Mobile" service is called. If you have Samsung account setup you will need to log on from a browser. After logging on the left lock my screen 'will appear.

Here you have to enter a new PIN and then 'lock' will need to click on. In the next two or three minutes will change the password of your screen and you will be able to work on your device. But if you have not created the Samsung account, then it will not work.   

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