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DISCIPLINE In Life , Dicipline and students , Dicipline Value

We know that there are 26 letters in the English alphabet.
If we put the value of each letter of alphabet as A=1 , B=2 ,C=3, D=4, E=5 and so on and then add up the value of the word 'DISCIPLINE' we get a total of hundred.

  D       = 04
  I        = 09
 S        = 19
 C       = 03
 I         = 09
P         = 16
L         = 12
I          = 09
N        = 14
E         = 05

Totals = 100

'DISCIPLINE' is the very essence of life. It is important to children and individuals as also to communities and nations. None can make any  progress without 'DISCIPLINE'. Positive or creative discipline the right habits and attitudes among the pupils. It helps their mental, Moral and emotional growth.
The school is not a place where only formal knowledge is imparted. It is a place for providing an environment which will give opportunities for character building. At the same time it also promotes Self DISCIPLINE.

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